George Washington Returns to Hackensack

Hackensack — George Washington is coming back to Bergen County, NJ, and the East Coast Toy Soldier Show invites you to meet him, in the person of experienced Washington portrayer Michael Grillo, at our upcoming show.

Mr. Grillo, Education Director at the Van Cortlandt House Museum in the Bronx, has been appearing as Washington and other historic personalities for over 12 years at historic sites and events.

Mr. Grillo, will be in uniform to field questions, pose for photos and add a bit of living history to the show.

Battleground Art

Collecting toy soldiers is a traditional hobby that has brought joy to collectors for many years. Building plastic military models is another very popular hobby with a long history. Although they involve a common theme, they are very different in many ways.

What if you like both hobbies……..Well….You try to evolve a hobby that encompasses the best of both worlds. If a modeler wants to do a diorama it is a huge undertaking. First you have to build and paint the figures and AFV’s, then create the scenery, this takes a lot of talent, which many do not posses. If a toy soldier collector wants to do a diorama you can take your soldiers and AFV’s off the shelf and create a setup. But there was a problem with toy soldiers they didn’t have the detail level of plastic models and some skill is still required to create a scene.

Over the past 8 years or so a small faction of the toy soldier hobby has worked to create a hybrid hobby that attempts to bridge the two concepts. The manufacturers have responded with a greater level of detail, which has solved one of the problems of developing this new hobby. As of late a name has been given to this hybrid hobby “BATTLEGROUND ART”.

Currently Battleground Art has a website and a forum to expound on many aspects of creating battle scenes and detailing figures and AFV’s. Also The International Society of Battleground Artists has been formed to complement this exciting hobby. If this concept interests you visit the website and join the forum where there is much information concerning the hobby.
Battleground Art will be at the East Coast Toy Soldier Show & Sale where there will be many examples of this type of work and Alex the Chairman of ISBA will be there to answer your technical questions. Battleground Art will be located adjacent to the Hobby Bunker. Looking for something special? Contact Battleground art:

Prepaid 2013 East Coast Toy Soldier Show Admission Tickets Now Available

Prepaid admission tickets are a wonderful opportunity to avoid waiting in the long general admission line. No long wait, gain entry to the show on a special prepaid line where you’ll be whisked into the show promptly at 9 am. Tickets are only $6 ea. Please send your check or M.O. made payable to and remit to: Vintage Castings, PO Box 4809, Wayne, NJ 07474-4809. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment. Free admission for children under 12 when accompanied by parent. Free admission to all Scouts in Uniform. (Prepaid tickets for last year’s show cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy will be honored.)

Britains Limited 1935 Stock Certificate

Britains 1935 Stock Certificate

Here’s a genuine Britains Limited stock certificate, issued 1935. This rarity would make a great conversation piece in any Britains collection. Its display possibilities are limited only to ones imagination. Yet, an original Britains stock certificate is much more than a striking conversation piece. It’s an historical document issued long ago
by the premier toy soldier company. Bill

Power Still Out At Show Site

Although it’s a gorgeous fall day, a visit to the area still finds wide spread power outages along Hackensack Ave. and Rt. 4, with no traffic lights operational, many downed power lines, widespread gas shortages and numerous police road blocks. Power outages may extend through next week.

The prudent course of action now is to temporarily put our hobby aside and focus our thoughts and prayers to the members of our area who still have not had power restored to their homes, have sustained significant property damage and who are missing loved ones. Bill

Hurricane Sandy Does Indeed Affect The Show…

Due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, this year’s East Coast Toy Soldier Show will unfortunately have to be canceled.

The aftermath of the storm, as you all know, has left millions without power for days now, and the Hackensack, NJ area is sadly no exception. With no confirmed restoration date in sight (as well as some road conditions and the fuel situation playing a role), there isn’t any possibility of being able to move forward with the show.

Furthermore, we will not be able to reschedule the show for a later date this year due to the simple fact that all of our vendors and exhibitors have prior commitments, booking all of their shows in advance and filling up their calendars well before this time of year.

We deeply apologize for this unfortunate and uncontrollable situation, and we hope all of you will look forward to attending next year’s show. The date will be announced shortly, so stay informed by checking back here regularly. We will of course keep you informed on all other Toy Soldier News that takes place in the interim.

So be safe, be careful on the roads, good luck in the fuel lines, and we hope your power gets restored soon for those of you still without. We’ll see you soon…