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  1. SELLTOY Company will proud to open his first tables at this GREAT! Show with the following items
    At show I will have
    All OWN 5 (plastic toy soldier 1.32 scale figures) different sets
    Anzio invader ideal/Marx M26 perishing tank and M55 Self Propelled Howitzer. Recast -new
    DGN –known as Hing Fat ww2 new sets in all poses split made sets. (LIMITED QUANTITIES)
    Star wars plain unpainted figures (as the one on stores now) in all poses loose to feel ranks as you wish (limited quantities)
    NEW sets (pirates), Aztecs and conquistadors figures in 54-60 mm scale plastic with separate weapons. (made in Mexico).
    Pvblivs Teutonic Knights, AND THEIR FIRST TWO ROMAN SETS in all poses (12 poses –three sets-PLUS) with special add on surprise figures per bag. Deal price/figures set. (MADE IN RUSSIA
    Modern armored cast/plastic 1.35 scales (4 different models)
    New Ural/Kamas and Humvee trucks/vehicles in 1.32 scale/plastic (MADE IN RUSSIA)
    Preview OF our FIRST ARMOR vehicle (Panzerjager L70A). WE WILL BE TAKING PREORDERS. Show Special all preorders will get free shipping.
    Weston/ Replicants Trafalgar Playset opened once
    Barzso Rogers Ranger Playset
    Marx partial Rin Tin Tin playset
    Renwal Viking Ship in the box missing rudder otherwise complete
    Timpo Castle in Box
    Jescan Bull fighting Ring with figures
    Remco caresesar ship

  2. Joe Luberto on said:

    When is your next show

    • What’s the date of our 2018 Show?
      As soon as FDU finalizes their Fall/Winter Basketball & Soccer schedules in late spring, we’ll have a date. We are aiming for either the last Sunday in October, or the first Sunday in November, Thanks for your patience.

    • Joe Luberto on said:

      Do you know if anyone in our are is interested in 15 mm civil war gaming I live in westmilford and have a Diorama set up of the first bull run . I also have been painting both armies

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