1983 first review of our show in the NYT


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Toy Soldiers In The News

“A tale of toy soldiers and spies”…

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Here’s What The Press Said About The East Coast Toy Soldier Show & Sale -

It was more like an antique show than a toy fare, and the descriminating collectors could find every kind of (miniature) fighting man…
- The New York Times

Collectors … are waiting to see if anyone tops the $600 price paid for one … toy soldier. Don’t worry; most of the toy soldiers range in cost between $6 and $20, and some even cost as little as $1.
- New Jersey Monthly

Sellers and buyers met head-on not to do battle but to negotiate a price for … toy soldiers.
- Antique Week

People … enjoy the hobby because it represents a real getaway to those in the fast paced business world.
- The Jersey Journal

You could find hundreds of thousands of … toy soldiers. … You could find … boyish looking collectors of all ages … happily buying and trading the miniatures like so many baseball cards.
- The Record

A very well attended show.
- The North Hudson Reporter

The largest show of its kind …
- The Bergen News


Article in The Bergen Record in 2009 -

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