Our Valued Resources

Toy & Model Soldier manufacturers, vendors, promoters and enthusiasts we know personally who have participated in our shows and are valued for their efforts, their motivation and enthusiasm in promoting the ever changing Toy Soldier Hobby.


W. Britain, William Britain or simply Britains, no matter what we are called our name is synonymous with toy soldiers.



One year after its incorporation in 1992, AeroArt began its annual participation at the East Coast Toy Soldier Show in New Jersey.

Representing a wide range of historical periods from Ancient Greece and Rome, to the ironclad warriors of the Crusades, through the spiked helmets of World War 1, history is personified via The St. Petersburg Collection and AeroArt continues to off to collectors the very finest in historical miniatures.

The St. Petersburg Collection soldier makers have been awarded more than 100 medals for excellence in sculpting and painting in U.S. and international competitions.  Maintaining their excellent reputation for talent and integrity on both sides of the Pacific, the St. Petersburg Collection offers discerning collectors the opportunity to include their award-winning, connoisseur quality in their personal collections of miniatures.